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New OHSAA Eligibility Tracked Info

Now tracking 9th Semester and Students Over-age. 

We recently added two new checks to the FinalForms system for the state of Ohio, further insuring that your reports of student eligibility are accurate.


9th Semester Check

The OHSAA mandates that a student-athlete is only eligible for OHSAA sports for 8 consecutive semesters. Based on the first-day-of-high-school field that ADs set, we calculate if an active student will have been in school for more than 8 semesters during a sport season that they have registered for. If so, we alert the administration and parents.


19 years old Check

A student in Ohio also cannot have turned 19 before Aug 1st of the current school year. If they do and are attempting to participate in athletics during that school year, we alert the administration and the parents