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HOW TO: Transitioning Between School Years

The Process: 1 - PREVIEW; 2- LAUNCH; 3 - MONITOR

FinalForms understands Administrators' heads start to spin in the Spring. Between graduation, end-of-year processes and preparation for next year, challenges abound.

FinalForms now helps with your planning and preparation for next year!

Our new transition process helps Administrators see exactly what needs to be done to prepare forms and data for the coming year. We've worked with numerous districts to develop a 'seamless' transition process utilizing innovative organizational features.


FinalForms allows Administrators to preview the upcoming school year on January 1st. 

  • Click the 'School Year' Icon  in the top bar
  • Click on 'Preview 2017-18 school year' to switch to 2017-18
  • FinalForms is now in 'Preview Mode'
  • You will see 'Preview Mode' splashed across the top of every page

Note: This is Administrator-only. Coaches, Teachers, Trainers and Parents cannot see this icon and parents cannot register for the next school year yet.

All actions and modifications in 'Preview Mode' will ONLY effect next school year.

You may want to do any of the following:

  • Update Sport or Activity offerings
  • Update Coach assignments
  • Click the 'Forms' icon on Students in multiple grades to review the form sets
  • Click MANAGE > SCHOOLS then select each School to set the 'First Day of School' for each respective School

IMPORTANT! The following actions are required, contact your FinalForms Representative for guidance. 

  • Request updates to forms. 
    Once your requests are final, our team will update your 2017-18 forms in less than 7 days. 
  • Request school registration open dates. 
    Registration open dates can be different for each school.

When you have completed and reviewed all aspects of 'Preview Mode', you are ready to Launch!


First, communicate with your Parents using the FinalForms 'Email' function, or your preferred method regarding the registration open dates.

Once registration is open, Parents may login to select Sports and/or Activities, complete and sign forms and pay fees for the upcoming school year. Students may also sign forms for the upcoming school year.

IMPORTANT! Updates to 2017-18 form data have no effect on 2016-17 forms, data or student eligibility.

Upon login, Administrators may still use the 'School Year' Icon  in the top bar to toggle between school years. 'Work Mode' replaces 'Preview Mode' as Administrators will be working on, and monitoring, information for the upcoming school year. 


When Administrators view 'Work Mode' all statuses, color codes, etc. reflect the upcoming school year only.

  • Custom Eligibility toggles will be set to your defaults
  • Payment icons indicate upcoming school year payment status
  • Parent and Student icons represent the status of 2017-18 form sets only
  • Physical and Concussion countdown icons mirror the current status, as expirations may span different school years

Administrators may switch between school years, per work flow demand, using 'School Year' Icon  in the top bar.


  • Jan 1 - Preview Mode available
  • Jan 15 to June 1 - Select a date, or dates, within this window to open registration
  • May 1 - State Education, Health and Athletic Associations updates are typically available. All updates materials will be included on FinalForms.
  • May 15 - Deadline for form updates
  • June 1 - Deadline for opening registration


Once registration opens for a school, parents will see the the following prompt:

Upon clicking that prompt, they immediately see a popup that lists which schools are open for registration and how to get started.

If they indeed start registering for next school year, they are put into "2017-18 Registration" and will see the following status at the top of every page.

That's it! They will go through the rest of FinalForms in the same way, intuitively providing the district with the information you need.

Should they ever revert back to 2016-17, they will again see the current school year's statuses.

Last, new registrants for 2017-18 will be marked as such for the parent, so they do not get confused.

Happy Registration Period!