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HOW TO: Transitioning Between School Years

School Administrators have it hard enough trying staying organized throughout the school year. Then spring comes around and things get even MORE challenging now that you have to start thinking about the next year as well.

FinalForms is here to help with that, too! Our new rollover process makes this awkward period of the school year a seamless transition by mirroring your current processes and providing the same innovative organizational features in multiple years at the same time.



On January 1st, the upcoming school year is added to your School Year dropdown. Your school year dropdown is the calendar icon  in your navbar, right next to your name.

  • Click on "Preview 2017-18 school year" to switch to 2017-18.
  • FinalForms is now in "Preview Mode".
  • You will see "Preview Mode" splashed across the top of every page.

Note: This is Administrator-only. Coaches, Teachers, Trainers and Parents cannot see this icon and parents cannot register for the next school year yet.

Everything you look at and do in this mode will pertain to the next school year. You may want to do any of the following:

  • Adjust sports/activities offered.
  • Change which coaches are on various sports.
  • Add your first-day-of-school to each school for the upcoming year.
  • Click through different student's formsets to verify what they look like
  • Request updates to forms. (contact your Rep)
  • Request school registration open dates. These can be different for each school. (contact your Rep)

Requesting updates to the formset is the most common and important task when transitioning between school years. To make these changes, contact your FinalForms Representative with the changes you'd like to make and our development team will turn around your updates in 7 days or less.


Your open dates are set. Your forms for 2017-18 look good and your team is ready to accept registrations for next year. On the dates you see set in Preview Mode, your schools will automatically open for parent registrations for 2017-18.

Parents and Students can select sports/activities, complete and sign forms, and pay fees for the following school year.

From that date on, if you use your School Select dropdown to switch to 2017-18, you will no longer see "Preview Mode", but will rather see a banner indicating that you are working and administrating in the 2017-18 school year.

That's it!


While working in the 2017-18 school year, all student statuses will reflect the new school year.

  • Custom Eligibility toggles will be set to your defaults.
  • Payment icons will only indicate 2017-18 payment status.
  • Parent and Student icons represent the status of 2017-18 formsets only.
  • The physical & concussion countdown icons mirror the status of the old/current school year.

You can switch back and forth between 2016-17 and 2017-18 as your tasks demand.


  • Jan 1 - Preview Mode is available
  • Jan 15 to June 1 - Possible open dates for opening registrations for next year.
  • May 1 - By this date, your state Education, Health and Athletic Associations will have released form updates for next year.
  • May 15 - Last possible date for getting us your forms for next year.
  • June 1 - Last possible date for opening registrations for next year.